Solar Screen Roller Shades

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Solar Screen Roller Shades from Thermal Designs Add Cool Elegance to Your Home or Business

Solar screen shades for the solarium gable end.

Solar screen roller shades have either bead pull chain or motorized operation.

Our solar screen roller shades can be either bead chain-pull or motorized systems and are very easy to install. Solar screen shade fabric selections come in a wide variety of colors and light block density. Your shades can be manually operated by bead chain and clutch or motorized using push button switch or remote control. 

Solar Screen Roller Shades , Restaurant

Solar Screen Roller Shades, Chez Thui Restaurant, Boulder, CO

Solar Screen Roller Shades, day spa

Solar Screen Roller Shades, Tapestry day spa, Boulder, CO

Solar Screen Roller Shades, in the home.

Solar Screen Roller Shades, in the home

Call today for information on pricing, fabric selections or simply to discuss your shading, insulating and privacy options. Our toll-free number is (866) 442-3485 or email us at Thermal Designs, Inc.

Our solar screen roller shades are easy to install, give great protection from solar radiation, are maintenance free and will fulfill home and business needs with lasting value. They are designed and manufactured in Boulder, Colorado by our staff of skilled professionals.

Our Shade Fabrics…

SheerWeave® Screen fabrics are ideal for allowing visibility to the outdoors and reduction of the sun’s rays at the same time.  We offer SheerWeave in 10 basic colors and weaves.

You can view the available SheerWeave screen fabrics online. Note: We only provide screens listed on the pages for SheerWeave styles 2360, 2390, 2410 and 2500.

Suntex Screen fabrics are made for the outdoors and are for our Exterior shades. We offer it in 7 base colors and weaves.

Call us and we’ll send you swatch samples to help you with your fabric selection!

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Solar Screen Roller shades and blinds by Thermal Designs, Inc. are
Made in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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