Exterior Sunroom Shades

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Exterior Sunroom and Greenhouse Shades by Thermal Designs Offer Simple, Year Round Shading and Protection

Exterior sunroom shades and greenhouse shades - fixed for year long shading.

Exterior sunroom shades and greenhouse shades – fixed for year long shading.

Our exterior solarium shades, sunroom and greenhouse shades are a highly effective way to reduce solar gain from the outside, cutting out direct sunlight and heat and preserving your rooms furniture, finishes, and plants.  These exterior blinds are made to be either a fixed or roll drop shading system.

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Exterior Shades, Fixed Design – Our exterior sunroom and greenhouse shades that are fixed in place are great for year-round shading control from the outside.  Attached by a clamp system, they can easily be removed for cleaning.

Exterior Solarium or Greenhouse Shades, fixed.

Exterior Shades, fixed, for commercial atrium.

 Exterior Shades, Roll-Drop Design – Versatility and control of when you want full sun or comfortable shading in your solarium, sunroom or greenhouse from one season to the next.  Our exterior roll-drop shades can be rolled up and down to various positions. Heavy duty pull cords on the outside of the room raise and lower this shade system to your desired position.

Greenhouse shades, roll-drop operation.

Exterior Greenhouse Shades, roll-drop, covering the greenhouse

Our exterior sunroom shades and greenhouse shades come in a variety of screen colors and several densities for optimum control of solar gain. Aluminum battens hold the fabric off the glass to optimize shade effectiveness. Exterior fixed shades clamp into place with sturdy, cast aluminum clamps attached to rods in the top and bottom of each shade. Our exterior shades can be left out year round or easily removed and stored during winter months if you desire.

SunTex Screen fabrics by Phifer are made for the outdoors and are used exclusively in our exterior sunroom shades. We offer Suntex in 6 colors and weaves.

View the SunTex screen fabric choices at Phifer with this link.

We’ll send you swatch samples to help you with your fabric selection!

Fabric table exterior

Exterior Sunroom, Solarium and Greenhouse Shades by Thermal Designs, Inc. are Made in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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