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Four Seasons Sunroom and Solarium Shades

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Enjoy Amazing New Beauty and Comfort in your Four Seasons Sunroom with a Shading System by Thermal Designs, Inc.

Four Seasons Shades with pull cord operation     Four Seasons solarium shades, Screen shades

              Four Seasons Sunroom shades  (screen shades)                                        Four Seasons Sunroom Shades (screen shades)

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We Know Your Four Seasons Solarium or Sunroom Inside and Out

and They are Our Specialty!

Our Four Seasons Sunroom shades and blinds are designed to fit all models of Four Seasons Sunrooms and solariums.  We are the recommended shade manufacturer by Four Seasons Sunrooms of Holbrook, New York for their line of sunrooms, solariums patio rooms and greenhouses.

Call today for information to get you started on pricing, fabric or screen selections or simply to discuss your shading, insulating and privacy options.

Our Four Seasons shades are custom made to perfectly fit your Four Seasons solarium or greenhouse.  We ship anywhere in the United States and all over the world.

Our toll-free number is (866) 442-3485 or e-mail us at Thermal Designs using the "Contact Us" button on this page.

Read Our Customer Testimonials, letters and e-mails from many of our very happy customers.

Four Seasons Greenhouse Shades

         Four Seasons shades - handle operation    Four Seasons Greenhouse Shades - Straight eve with handle operation

                Four Seasons Greenhouse shades with handles for manual operation with shade wand (for low pitch rooms).


Thermal Designs shades operate in conjunction with gravity and the pitch of your Four Seasons solarium.  They are either manual systems, operated by pull cords or hand held wand, or are motorized systems.

Shades with pull cords, for rooms with a steep pitch, use a system of hidden cords and pulleys.  Cords wrap around wall mounted cord cleats, neatly in the corner of the room.  Shades can be pulled individually or together at the same time when cords are bundled together.

Wand Shades offer a simiple alternative to pull cords and utilize spring tension rods to hold each shade in place at your desired position.  These shades are operated individually using a handle located near the bottom hem.  When a shade is raised to where the handle gets out of reach, the shade wand is then used against the handle or bottom edge of shade.

Wand shades without spring tension rods are provided for solairums and sunrooms with an extremely low (flat) pitch.

Motorized Four Seasons Solarium Shades

Motorized solarium and sunroom shades are a fun, high-tech system offering great ease of operation.  They are run from either a wall switch or radio frequency remote control, either hand held or wall mounted.  Shades are drawn up and down by the rotation of motor tubes hidden behind the shade pleats at the top of the room.  Motorized shades can also be controlled from other remote devices, such as smart phone app's, when integrated with a modern whole house automation control system (not provided by Thermal Designs).

         Motorized Four Seasons Sunroom blinds

                   Motorized Four Seasons Sunroom shades

Our Four Seasons solarium shades are available in a variety of durable, moisture-proof fabrics, textures, weaves and attractive fade-resistant designer colors. The choice of fabrics also gives you the ability to control the amount of privacy, degree of transparency, heat reflectivity and heat retention.

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An Easy Shade System to Install
Our Four Seasons solarium and greenhouse shades operate in the Four Seasons sunroom exclusive track system. Pre-assembled headers and hardware for manual or motorized operation come with every system.  Detailed installation instructions are included.

More Four Seasons Shades

  Four Seasons Shades raised    Four Seasons shades lowered

                           Four Seasons Sunroom shades - These are motorized.

The Simple, Reliable Design Provides Smooth, Quiet Operation.  The smooth operating, gravity-fed system makes every day operation of Thermal Designs Four Seasons shades simple. Aluminum tubing, hidden inside the shade pleats spaced at 10-inch intervals, has glider wheels that fit into the Four Seasons shade track, allowing the shades to precisely follow the contour of the solarium for a beautiful, fitted look.

Four Seasons Solarium Shades - Screens, all lowered

                                                 Motorized Four Seasons shades

The Four Seasons Sunroom has either internal or external shade track channels already built into the glazing bars. 

                                 Four Seasons Sunroom Shade Wheels & interal track     Four Seasons Solarium Shade wheels & external track

                                    Four Seasons shade track - internal                    ... and external


Matching Gable End Shades Are Also Available
Each bay of the gable end has its own shade that conforms to the roof line in curved or straight eave areas. All Four Seasons gable end shades come with pre-assembled headers with pulleys, velstick and mounting brackets attached.

Four Seasons solarium gable end shades

I installed the shades myself and believe me I was apprehensive about taking on the task. When I originally spoke with Isabel from Thermal Designs, she assured me that I could do it myself. Turns out she was right. These people know how to guide you through the project, they care about your satisfaction and the end result looks sensational. Both Isabel and Chet at Thermal Designs took a genuine interest in making sure the project went well. I would recommend them to anyone.

Not only did we get protection from the hot afternoon sun coming into our kitchen, but we gained additional living space. The Four Seasons dining room is now a place we can enjoy to do other things during the day. My wife does some craft work and now uses the room in the afternoon. That's a first.

Bob McCord

The table below gives an example of the fabrics we offer with the amount of light block they provide and the shade application for them.

Call us and we'll send you swatch samples to help you with your fabric selection!

Fabric Selection
Light block
# of colors

Indoor/Outdoor Acrylics by Sunbrella
(with Energy Shield backing, can be insulated with Thinsulate)


Awning and Marine Fabrics

by Sunbrella

(fabric only, no Energy Shield, no Thinsulate)


Sheerweave 4000 Series by Phifer

(4000, 4100, 4400)

90% - 97%
Suntex by Phifer
80% & 90%




       Four Seasons Sunroom shades and blinds by Thermal Designs, Inc. are

Made in Boulder, Colorado, USA.


Thermal Designs, Inc.
1880 S. Flatiron Ct., Suite A
Boulder, CO 80301

(866) 442-3485

(303) 442-3485

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